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Hallaway KL Sky Dining 空中餐厅

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Located at the Wisma Trax KL rooftop, Hallaway KL is a platform designed to cater an overall free and easy sky dining experience.

Hallaway KL Restaurant

It offers breath-taking 180° city view overseeing the entire Kuala Lumpur. Also, the Food & Beverage consists of international varieties with over 100 dishes from 10 specialised stalls! Al fresco area featuring sky cinema with 250 inch projector with bean bags along with daily live band.

There are also multiple photo worthy spots such as the lite fountain, art gallery, unique designed stalls and more. Welcome to visit us and discover on your own!

This is casual dining and self-service platform with average spending of RM25++ per person. Enjoy your dinner and enjoy nice rooftop ambient.

*REMARK: No outside cake is allowed as they have a Bakery & Dessert Section – The Baking Lab for the whole cake or cake customization service.

“Everyone can Sky-dine!

Here comes another great deal for all Hallawayians!
GRAB a Beer Tower from RM99++ ONLY!

Hallaway KL Beer Promotion

One of the best food recommendation is Burger & Toast. Try it out the CK Love Porky if you love pork! It is one of the best pork I ever had.

Hallaway KL Food 2Hallaway KL Food 3Hallaway KL Food 4Hallaway KL Food 5Hallaway KL Food 6Hallaway KL Food 7Hallaway KL Food 9Hallaway KL Food 10Hallaway KL Food 11

Hallaway KL Sky Dining - Burger & Toast Menu

I love the dessert as well especially the cake and waffle.

Hallaway KL Sky Dining Menu

Please Download their MENU

Hallaway KL
Level 13, Wisma Trax, No.1, Jalan Lima, Chan Sow Lin, 55200 Kuala Lumpur.
03-2303 5095
Hour : 12pm-2am
Instagram: hallaway.kl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hallaway.kl/

Sister Company – Skydome Hotpot KL

Hallaway KL Sky Dining Panaroma
Hallaway KL Sky Dining Panaroma
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43851595 2020858381306346 1686379545399132160 n
44046028 2020858421306342 6201924722360320000 n
44083894 2020858491306335 572015048835203072 n
43880673 2020858474639670 7663256657282990080 n
43823268 2020858481306336 3387270496801259520 n
43879408 2020858554639662 560608796813033472 n
43879932 2020858564639661 366082125885079552 n
43950621 2020858587972992 7309014321713905664 n
43765101 2020858641306320 6874824786292244480 n
43878263 2020858644639653 5013124843374116864 n

Below are the rules of booking :-

1) Due to the overwhelming demand, we will now open for reservation on regular days (Mon-Thurs).

2) For weekends(including Friday), public holiday & public holiday eve, we only accept reservation with a minimum of EIGHT(8) pax and above.

3) The available time slots are: 6PM, 7PM & 10PM onwards.

4) The VIP Sofa table can serve up to a maximum of NINE(9) guests only with a minimum spending.

5) The availability of table will only be secured 15mins before and after the reserved time.

6) Seats are arranged randomly. Only can select indoor/outdoor area.

7) Any changes on reservation must be clarified with Hallaway KL Facebook Page within (3) working days. Any request after that will not be entertained.

8) In the event where number of guests is not tally with the reservation, [email protected] reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Photo courtesy by : 我爱大马美食 I Love Malaysian Food

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