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Skydome Hotpot KL 星空玻璃屋火锅

【鼎】级【香】受的火锅【阁】 俯视整个吉隆坡 KL城市,享受顶级的火锅汤底!
宾至如归的服务,性价比超高的平民价钱! 会吃的,当让是来【鼎香阁】

#星空下吃火锅♨!全KL第一家SkyDome Rooftop #星空玻璃屋火锅 将在1月20日(一)盛大开业,有大玻璃球、中玻璃球和小玻璃球(VIP Room),一边吃火锅,一边抬头看星星,实在太Romantic啦😍!

✅ #开张优惠:20-31/1每消费RM200就送RM100现金礼券!
✅ 新年期间天天营业,除了年初九!
✅ 提供VIP私人包厢,记得提早预订哦(018-668 0021)

【鼎香阁 SkyDome Hotpot】🚙
Wisma Trax, Level 13,
No. 1, Jalan Lima, Chan Sow Lin,
55200 Kuala Lumpur.(Hallaway隔壁)
📞 018-668 0021
🌄 5pm-2am

Sister company – Hallaway KL

Skydome Hotpot KL
Skydome Hotpot KL
Skydome Hotpot KL

Skydome Hotpot Hallaway KL WismaSkydome Hotpot Hallaway KL Wisma Trax 4Skydome Hotpot Hallaway KL Wisma Trax 3Skydome Hotpot Hallaway KL Wisma Trax 2

Skydome KL signature main soup – all time favourite :-

Coconut Chicken Soup - Skydome KL Spicy Mala Soup - Skydome KL

Wild Mushroom Soup - Skydome KL Tomato Soup - Skydome KL

Beauty Pork Soup - Skydome KL

Promotion from Skydome – Free 1 Soup for 1 Year with below T&C

Sky-Dome HotPot is opening soon! 😍 Let’s celebrate its birth with some crazy giveaway shall we? 🤩🤩🤩
You may stand a chance to win [One Year Free Hot Pot Soup] worth up to RM1,000 simply by taking a beautiful shot with us! 😚😚😚
All you need to do is :-
1. Snap a beautiful photo at SKY-DOME HOTPOT restaurant.
2. Check-in “SKY-DOME HOTPOT”.
3. Tag us on Facebook & IG @skydome.kl
3 Winners will be chosen and announced later! 🥳🥳🥳

Skydome Hotpot KL

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