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位于Latitud 6 清新舒适的”#沙兵”结合了…

位于Latitud 6 清新舒适的”#沙兵”结合了香港原味和本地口味推出多种用心和自創的饮料,甜品和美食。他们多款的水果茶和鲜奶都没有添加糖份,所喝到的都是水果和配料的原味。食物方面首推每天热卖的港式瑞士鸡翅,限量供应的手工招牌起骨酿虾肉鸡翅,蜜汁鸡扒和最新研发的双重拉丝芝士鸡翅。甜品方面就有泰国师傅的流心蛋糕等。现在每第二杯饮料都有30%折扣,而食物方面也有10%打折…外带或堂食都可以。

“ ” at Latitud 6 is a combination of both Hong Kong and local flavours in a cozy and refreshing cafe. Their specialty are fruits tea and fresh milk, desserts and gourmet food….especially their drinks are all natural from the real fruits or ingredients without adding sugar. As for food menu is their hot selling HK Swiss sauce chicken wings, signature handmade prawn filling boneless chicken wings, honey sauce chicken chop and newly created double cheesy chicken wings. The dessert and cakes are handled by Thai pastries chef. Now they’re having promotions for all the 2nd drinks with 30% discount while 10% discount for food items…available for takeaway and dine in.

📣📣Promotion: please Like or Follow their Facebook Page and Instagram to entitle discount of 30% for 2nd drink or 10% for food items.

🏠 沙兵 SA BING Malaysia

📲Contact: 088-416628 (takeaway pre-order)/ 016-5214403

🕙Business hours: 11am – 10pm

🛵Delivery: MoreFun and Foodpanda
💰Payment: Cash or Boost

👉🏻Follow us on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/eatnhopsabah
#eatnhopsabah #sabingmy #沙兵 #latitud6

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