E5 Weight Management EGH


Why Berry is Important

The best food to promote slimming effect?

Blueberries knows as “THE KING OF ANTIOXIDANT”, the expert said. Berry are low calories and high acid to help reduce fat especially lower body part. With it’s high nutritional value, more blueberries intake during exercises helps to promote better and ideal weight loss result.

Benefits of E5 Weight Management

1) Control Apetite
2) Reduce carbohydrates
3) Improve Digestive System
4) Improve Blood Circulation
5) Reduce Caloric Intake
6) Burn Calories
7) Improve skin elasticity and moisture


1) Blueberry extract
2) Citric Acid
3) Frutose
4) Garcinia Cambogia
5) Hoodia
6) Tremella
7) Fiber Gum
8) Vitamin C

Direction of Use

Mix 1 sachet of E5 Weight Management with warm water (250ml), stir well and consume immediately.

Content : 15 sachets per box

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