#Bangkok #Thailand ~Sa…


#Bangkok #Thailand

~Safari World~ in Bangkok actually has a safari-themed open zoo🐯, marine park🐬 and bird park🦅 in total.

You will see tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras, groundhogs, Himalayan black bears, camels, antelopes, rhinos, various large birds, and the list goes on. 7 performances in large theaters every day, including the most famous elephant show and the orangutan Muay Thai (boxing). Sea lion and dolphin shows available too if you’re into the marine types😉

You can drive through African-inspired landscapes, take a jungle river cruise, and get wet on a water flume ride.

💁🏻Product Enquiry: 03-2242 9199 (9AM-6PM)

⏰Park Operating Hours: 9AM-5PM (Daily)

📍Bangkok Safari World, 99 Panyaintra Road (Soi Ramindra 109), Samwatawantok, 10510 Bangkok, Thailand.