What is Tour Casino Junket?

Casino Junket Queenco Casino

Ever want to travel to wind up and relax, wanted to go somewhere to release tension. There is one few place that you can go and try it up that offer a private VVIP Casino customer experience travelling and playing at certain casino. There is few place that you can choose in Asia. There is top 5 place that you can try out the casino junket at below place: –

  1. Genting Highland, Malaysia
  2. Resort World Sentosa, Singapore
  3. Queenco, Sihanoukville, Cambodia
  4. City of Dreams, Macau
  5. Royce Hotel and Casino, Clark, Pampanga, Phillipine

What is junket casino?

Junkets are trips offered to VVIP customers to travel and play at certain casino. And all depend on the player and the hosting casino will fund some or all of the VVIP players round trip ticket and accommodation cost with a exchange for a minimum buy-in for undertaking to play at the casino during the player stay.

How long do I need to play ?

Every casino will have different term and conditions, some may require the player to play for a certain hour depend on the casino rules in order to qualify for a stipulated of minimum stake levels. For example, some may require you to play 4-5 hours of accumulation.

What happens if you did not play to the required minimum play levels?

As stated on above, usually the player will be get a gentle reminders from the casino managements through the junket representative to either play more as per the rules given unless player will like to pay for the trip.

Currently, the offer from the junket promotion is from below hosting casino :-

Queenco Hotel and Casino is situated in the midst of blue water and delicate sands of Victory Beach. Just 17 km far from Sihanoukville International Airport (KOS).

The hotel consist of 2 sections:

  • Beachfront vila in colonial style with its private shoreline houses 58 rooms and suites.
  • Present day recently remodeled constructing consist of 141 rooms and suites with beautiful view.
  • 199 luxurious rooms and suites that guarantee accommodation with comfort, privacy and security for travellers.

Casino Junket Tour - Bryan - 019-7677 617 Queenco Casino Roulette

Casino Table - Bryan - 019-7677 617Queenco Room for booking - Bryan - 019-7677 617 

Queenco Hotel’s facilities :-

    • Near beach area where you can relax and chill
    • Swimming Pool under a gorgeous sun
    • Fitness Club
    • Health massage & spa
    • Shopping – Q Boutique
    • Water Sports Activities

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