#Dubai Dubai is famous due to its…




Dubai is famous due to its rapid development from a desert🌵🐫 with a few small buildings to a vast cityscape🏙 within just 2 decades‼😱 Also, it receives fame from renowned achievements✨ such as world’s tallest building, largest hotel, largest mall, and even largest artificial islands🏝 altogether forming it a masterpiece of architecture❤

As the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates🇦🇪 the modern city with numerous luxurious hotels and grand shopping malls attract tourists from all around the world to enjoy most world-class living experience🛍👗👜

On top of that, Dubai is a city with all possibilities✨ Not only that its intriguing deserts, beautiful beaches, and historical heritage are well preserved, but you can also enjoy swimming with sharks, indoor skiing, skydiving, and more activities‼ How could not love this miraculous place😍

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