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【Experience a luxurious dinner cruise | Bangkok Dinner Cruise】BOOK NOW 👉🏻 https://tvlg.co/2Pi955I

Ever dream of getting a high-end dining experience at least once in your life🍽? Cruise your way in Bangkok with the most luxurious way😎 in【Bangkok Dinner Cruise】⛴ with great food🍝, great view🌇 and great performances💃🏻including live music band and Thai classical dance~

There is five type of packages let you choose. If you are Muslim friends, Vertical Dinner Cruise is one of them sailing around and also the only ship serve with HALAL buffet 📢best recommend to the Muslim friends!

💁Product Enquiry: 03-2242 9199 (9AM-6PM)

⚠️Only available 2 hours for dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya River.

📍Charoen Krung 24, KhwaengTalatNoi, KhetSamphanthawong, Krung ThepMahaNakhon 10100, Thailand.

❤️IG: Instagram.com/travelogcom


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