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~Fam Fun Package | Wet World Water Park Shah Alam~ BOOK NOW👉🏻 tvlg.co/wetworldsa

Wanna get some splashy fun💦 in less crowded area, added plus point if it’s rather affordable💸❓ Try Wet World Water Park #ShahAlam which offers you ideal destination to spend quality time with family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 during the School Holiday‼

The water park is built with safety features, especially for children, as the water level does not exceed 1m👍🏻 Even you cannot swim, you still feel safe to play the Caribbean Themed attractions🎢 like Thunder River, Pirates Cove, Bermuda Triangle, the Caribbean Rider and more✨

Lake Garden is just nearby too. Recommended to visit the water park in the morning when the parking🅿 is much emptier. Wet World Water Park also available in Pedas, Negeri Sembilan and Batu Pahat, Johor (Rates vary for different water park)

💁Product Enquiry: 03-2242 9199 (9AM-6PM)

⚠️Operating hours: 10AM – 6PM (Thu – Tue), Closed on WEDNESDAY except for School & Public holidays

📍Persiaran Dato Menteri, Seksyen 14, 40100 Shah Alam

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— Products shown: Johor: Wet World Water Park Batu Pahat Package and Selangor: Wet World Water Park Shah Alam Package.

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