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#Nara #Uji►1 Day Tour to Explore Deer at Nara

Where can you find deer greeting you for food🦌❓ Only in NARA, Japan! The freely roaming deer are considered sacred as the messengers of the Gods✨, you can pet and feed them with their favourite rice crackers🍘 Yum!

Nara with significant temples and shrines⛩ sure has much to explore, while in the same day, you can even travel to nearby Uji, which famed for its Uji tea, to taste the authentic and local Matcha🍵😋 Check out more attractions in Nara and Uji👇🏻👇🏻

Highlights in Nara:
✅Nara Park
✅Todaiji Temple*
✅Mount Wakakusa

Highlights in Uji:
✅The Tale of Genji Museum*
✅Nakamura Tokichi Honten (Uji Matcha old shop)
✅Ujitennenonsen Genji Hot Spring*

*Entry ticket excluded

~1 Day Tour to Explore Deer at Nara~
Package includes tour guide & transport to visit the above attractions, check full itinerary in Travelog website
⏰Tour starts around 8AM, end around 17:30PM
📍Pick up from Osaka’s homestay/hotel, Drop off at Shinsaibashi (Shopping paradise)
💰from RM410/pax

~Book with Travelog~
☎Product Enquiry: 03-2242 9199
⚠Max 20 persons

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