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#Osaka #Japan

Osaka is always the best first step to explore the mesmerizing culture of Japan🇯🇵, especially as a backpacker. Modern architecture🏙 and historical landmarks🏯, nightlife🏮 and delicious street food🍙🍡… if you wanna travel like a local, you must also visit the famous Kuromon Market!

It is where you can taste the freshest ingredients like seafood🐟, quality meat🥩, vegetables🥕 and eggs🥚 from Japan and abroad (check the photos below to see more). Don’t get lost in the almost 600 meters long market with 170 shops while indulging in the rich flavor of yummy Japanese food😜~

‼Now Travelog has 2 Day Walking Tour Package @ Osaka with a designated itinerary for a complete Osaka trip, including various destinations and 2 day subway transport, from RM267/pax‼

~Included destinations~

✔Tempozan Ferries Wheel
✔Santa Maria Cruise
✔Umeda Sky building
✔Tsutenkaku Tower
✔Dotonbori Cruise
✔Osaka Castle
✔Kuromon Market
✔HEP Five
✔Abeno Harukas shopping area

More info about 2 Day Walking Tour @ Osaka👉🏻tvlg.co/2dosaka
More Osaka’s Attractions👉🏻tvlg.co/osaka

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