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~22~23 Nov 2018🏮 Fabulous Yee Peng Lantern Festival of Lights in Thailand 🇹🇭 😍~

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Every year in November the sky lights up with thousands of floating (flying) paper lanterns in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This festival of lights is known as Yi Peng or the lantern festival Chiang Mai. Yee Peng is part of the festival of lights in Northern Thailand to show respect to Buddha. 🙏🏻🎇👑

It’s date usually coincides with Loi Krathong which all of Thailand celebrates using floating lights on water. In Northern Thailand Yi Peng, which is celebrated alongside Loi Krathong, is different in that lights are placed into sky lanterns which float up into the air. Loi Krathong still happens in Chiang Mai but the actual Loi Krathong floating lanterns on water event happens the day/night after Yi Peng. 💥👣🌜

Alongside the floating light ceremonies there are also parades, fireworks, displays of colorful lanterns and cultural highlights involving the Lanna. As Chiang Mai was the former capital of the Lanna Kingdom it holds the largest Yi Peng Festival. ❣️🎃🔖

💥✨💥 ThIs year Yee Peng lantern festival will be held on 22-23 November 2018. The full moon day is 3 November. Those incredible photos of hundreds, if not thousands of brightly lit lanterns rising into the night’s sky over Chiang Mai is an iconic image and Loy Krathong. 🔮💡🎇

As history books tell us, this is the time in which locals believe the rivers are filled to their fullest and the moon is at its brightest – the perfect time to ‘make merit’ and set your floating kratong off on the Ping River, or light your lantern and make a wish for good fortune in the new year. ⚗️🎫🎈

The Festival of Lights is celebrated all around Thailand with Loi Krathongs (lotus-shaped receptacles) released on water to bring luck and fulfill wishes. ☘️🌈🌻

In Chiang Mai, the observation of the festival of lights, called Yi Peng, is uniquely different. Instead of water vessel, Chiang Mai people release thousand of lighted lanterns in the sky while making a wish. The sky transforms itself in a wonderful and surreal sea of little lanterns floating away. The spectacle is mesmerizing‼️🍻💃🏻

💎Tips : 💎

📌 Make sure to bring both a camera and a phone, sometimes the pictures come out better with your phone.
📌 Don’t release your lantern until 9pm! It feels like a waste if you don’t do it with everyone, all at once.
📌 Wear comfortable but respectable clothing. It’s warm, but you still need to cover your shoulders.
📌 There is also the Loi Krathong festical, so stop by the river to watch.
📌 Get there on time! Arrive by 5:30 pm in order to get in.
📌 Don’t bring liquor, it’s not allowed. We brought beer and had to leave it outside.