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#Sabah #Malaysia Want to feel to…

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Want to feel to be Spiderman for once in your life🤘? Drop by~​Rumah Terbalik & 3D Wonders Museum Combo Package~and immerse yourself into a world where everything is upside down😵!

Rumah Terbalik is the first inverted house established in Malaysia and is situated along the main highway to Mount Kinabalu~ This kampung house is designed for all ages to explore and enjoy the fun of it! The staples of the house are the car 🚗 and the house 🏠 where they are in the upside-down position! They also have 3D Wonders Museum where you can visit and learn about Sabah culture 🇲🇾 and wildlife habitats 🐒 through fun reality-bending experience!

There are rules has to take note before entering Rumah Terbalik:
❌Photo capture📸 and video recording📹 are NOT ALLOWED inside the house.
▪️A penalty of RM100 per picture taken will be imposed upon the photographer 💸.
❌NO TOUCHING or MOVING things inside the house.
❌SMOKING🚬 is NOT allowed inside the house.
❌NO FOODS🍟 & DRINKS🍹 is allowed to bring inside the house.

One day admission ticket:
▪️ Malaysian (age 13 & above) RM30.21
▪️ Non-Malaysian (age 13 & above) RM45.30
📍Batu 21, Jalan Telibong – Tamparuli, Tuaran, Sabah

— Products shown: Sabah: Rumah Terbalik & 3D Wonders Museum.

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